I got on my bike again. I feel like I have conquered the anxiety that prevented me from riding for 16 months following my injuries and surgery.

The weather was amenable to outdoor activities. It is sunny without humidity and enough wind to cool the body. As the cool breeze brushes against my face, I realize how much I have missed the windy facial massage, invisible caress by Mother Nature. I block its whistles, I listen to music.

Dotman’s voice propels me as he laments about fair-weathered friends who are only present to partake of your success but quickly disappears…

I took Sylvia, my bicycle, out for a ride for the first time since May 25, 2020, the day George Floyd was killed. The same day I fell off Sylvia and tore my right triceps and the tendons connecting my elbow with my forearm.

Photo credit: Author

Since that day and after the surgery in June 2020 to repair the shattered muscles and the nine months of recovery, I have not been able to summon the courage to ride again. I brushed aside my anxiety and the undiagnosed post-traumatic stress and got back on the trail.

I am conscious of every pedal stroke…

How Hunger Saved Me.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was.

I was hungry for life.

I was hungry for success.

I was hungry for greatness.

For a man without a penny to his name in a foreign land, it was a daunting experience.

How do you make a name for yourself when your name sounds funny to native ears?

How do you satisfy your hunger with a tongue unfamiliar with the new tastes?

Photo by author

I thirst for knowledge

I drank from the fountain of wisdom

I sipped from the aquifer of intelligence,

My thirst remains insatiable

My mouth continually parched

My College Days’ Gig as a Male Stripper?

Photo: Emmanuel Olawale

There was a very hectic and stressful period of my life when I worked two full time jobs, one part time job and attended college full time.

I was able to cope with the stress by squeezing in forty-five minutes of exercise, at least three days a week at the college gym in between my classes before work. I would use the treadmill for fifteen to twenty minutes, then spend the rest of my gym time lifting weights.

This regimen allowed me to maintain a trim and fit physique as well as…

It is impossible to form a “more perfect union” on a philosophy of social Darwinism and economic cannibalism

Photo credit: Pixabay

The death toll from Covid19 reached five hundred thousand Americans recently. Yet, the magnitude of this human disaster remains a muffled mystery of misery. America has not given itself the freedom to grieve its dead and process the negative emotions from the multitudinous deaths. The dead are acknowledged with cursory “thoughts and prayers” without a deep sense of mourning to commemorate the irreparable losses.

I grew up in Nigeria, a country with a culture that makes grieving the dead a natural process. The culture permits public and communal grieving. The process of grieving is not rushed or hushed. Ample time…

U.S. Senate Photography. Public Domain

Senator Rob Portman recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2022. He cited the gridlock in Washington as a reason after serving two terms in the Senate. Since Portman’s announcement, some news outlets celebrate him as a respectable policy wonk who focuses on legislation rather than media appearances.

Portman’s tenure in the Senate was anything but respectable. He was an integral component of the gridlock he cites as his reason for his proposed retirement. Portman was a part of the Big Lie that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. He didn’t acknowledge President Biden’s win until…

Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix’s “Kings of Jo’Burg,” is a South African series released in December 2020. It is an action-drama and mystical fantasy film about a crime family, the Masires, who share an uncommon bond, and law enforcement’s quest to stop them. I was delighted to watch a well-produced African movie that showcased wealthy black South Africans driving a Rolls Royce, living in mansions, and riding Ducatis. But, I was disappointed to see the film as a dramatic iteration of misogyny and intra-black xenophobia.

I am not writing to burst your bubble or run down a well-directed African movie if you love the…

Trump leaves sorrow, tears, and blood in his trail

Photo credit: Pixabay

The whirlwind of Trump’s chaotic presidency comes to an end, leaving behind destructive remnants that would take years to clean, clear, or rebuild. A Capitol still reeling from the violent assault by Trump supporters, a political crater that could prove difficult to level, a permanent dent on America’s democracy…

The twice impeached, one-term president is handing over a nation debilitated by the pandemic, with deaths now over 400,000 and estimated to reach half a million by February. The beleaguered president is leaving a country with bottled-up grief because he did not allow America to grieve its dead. He downplayed the…

He doesn’t deserve an honorable discharge for inciting an insurrection

Photo by Alex Wong, Getty Images

We watched in horror on January 6, 2021, as angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. They armed themselves with guns, sledgehammers, cuffs, zip ties, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and other weapons of destruction. They were egged on by a recalcitrant President Trump who has continually lied to them since November that Democrats stole the election from him.

They attacked the Capitol thirsty for blood, bent on harming, arresting, or possibly killing their perceived enemies, Vice President Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer, and others.

It was an insurrection without…

Photo credit: Act.tv (Screenshot)

This is not a drill. This is not a test. We are in the middle of a coup! Every day, the president denies losing the election while buoyed on by associates and some congressional Republicans is a day of an active coup. I grew up in a series of coups and dictatorships in Nigeria. I am a survivor of authoritarian regimes and their cabals that bend the truth to fit the dictator’s agenda. They create alternate realities and force-feed lies to the public while discrediting the free press and persecuting journalists with integrity.

It has been over three weeks since…

Emmanuel Olawale

Attorney, Podcaster, Author of “Flavor of Favor: Quest for the American Dream.”

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